Wrestling Greco-Rom

Wrestling has been here for a long time. Greco-Roman Romania Wrestling us a style of wrestling which is practiced worldwide. It took part in the first modern Olympic Games which was held in 1968. There are two participants who are scored for their performance in two three minute periods,which can be ended earlier if a opponent pins. This style of wrestling doesn't allow the participants to hold below waist. The major difference between freestyle and this wrestling is the latter. A wrestler cannot trip a opponent and get a point.
Arm drags, bear hugs and head locks which are very popular in freestyle, have even greater bulge in Greco-Roman. A throw known as suplex  is widely used by the wrestlers. Even if the participant is on the map he should find ways to turn his shoulders to the mat for a fall without legs.
The match takes place on a thick rubber circular mat which is shock proof for safety. The wrestling area has a nine-diamtere and is surrounded by 1.5meter border of the same thickness which is known as 'protection area'. A singlet should be used by the participants and a blooddrag should be carried.
Rules :
  • No holds below the waist.
  • Leg trips, kicks a knee strikes aren't allowed.
  • Each fight is separated into three segments.
  • Official flips a coin to determine the win if the draw comes.
Famous Players : 
  • Aleksandr Karelin
  • Rulon Gardner
  • Mijain Lopez
  • Hamid Sourian
  • Heiki Nabi
  • Jeff Blatnick
  • Sim Kwon-Ho
  • Steve Fraser
  • Petar Kirov
  • Imre Polyak