Weight Lifting

Weightlifting also know as Olympic-stle lifting. It is a very disciplined athletic event. A person tries to pick a maximum weight of a barbell which is loaded with plates. Snatch and Clean and Jersey are the competition lifts. Each and every weightlifter is allowed three attempts and the total of the highest two lifts is weighed in.
WeightLifiting tests the ability to pick up something double their weight and also test aspects of human ballistic limits. The lifts are divided into different classes, as in 56KG,62KG,69Kg and etc. Weights differ.
In each session the participants snatch and clean jerk the trial. Prizes are given for the heaviest weightlifter in the competition. The participants can choose the weight they wish to pickup. The competitor who chooses the lightest one goes first.
Rules :
  • Each Lifter is given three attempts
  • Youth lifters are under 17 and juniors are under 20.
  • The weight on the barbell goes up not down
  • No part of the lifter except his feet shall touch the ground
  • The lift should be continuous, without any restarts.
  • The elbows should not touch the thighs or knees during clean.
Famous Players :
  • Yumnam Chanu
  • Sudhir Kumar
  • Pratima Kumari
  • Kunjari Devi
  • Geeta Rani
  • Halil Mutlu
  • Pyrros Dimas
  • Naim Suleymanoglu