Water Polo is a competitive sport which is performed in water and is played between two teams. The game consists for four parts or you can say quarters. Each part or quarter lasts for around 8 minutes, each team attempts to score and throw the ball into the other opponents goal it's kind of a mix between swimming and handball.

The goalkeeper has no exact role in the game has he/she has both offensive and defensive roles to play. The game is played in a pool which is seven feet deep. There is no need of special equipment although the game includes a water Polo ball, the ball should float on water, everyone should be wearing numbered and coloured caps and there should be two goals at each side which should either float on water or should be attached to the side of the pool, the latter option is way better.

The game is said to be originated in the late 19th century and was recognised as water rugby. Men's water polo was the first team sport which was introduced at the 1900 games in the Olympics, whereas Women's water Polo became a Olympic sport back in 2000 Sydney Olympics games.

Famous Players :

  • Tony Azevedo
  • DezsoGyarmati
  • Peter J Cutin
  • Maggie Steffens
  • Wolf Wigo
  • Manuel Estiarte