A triathlon is a competition which requires a participant to pass through tons of stages and difficult obstacles. It is a sport which is multiple stage competition. It involves three continues discipline. Triathlon includes three different and difficult sports in it and all of them are combined, these should be executed all together and not separately. The three activities included are swimming, cycling and running.

Triathlon competes for fastest course completion time which includes transitions between each activity as in swim, run and cycle. A transition area is placed where the participants come in for a change of the gear for different segments of the race. It's the place where they switch from swimming to cycling and cycling to running. The transition areas are used to store bicycles, apparels and also other accessories which may or may not be needed for the next stage of triathlon. The change/transition from swimming to biking is also referred to as T1 and between bike and run is referred to as T2.

Triathlon made its debut on the Olympics program ar the Sydney a games in 2000 over the Olympics distance. Rules of triathlon vary between governing bodies as well as individuals race venue.

Famous Players : 

  • Alistair Brownlee
  • Johnny Brownlee
  • Mark Allen
  • Lisa Norden
  • Summer Cook
  • Dave Scott
  • Emma Snwosill
  • Michelle Jones
  • Jan Frodeno