A trampoline is a device which has a piece of taut and hence provides a buoyant force which helps a thing or a person to bounce on it. It has a strong fabric stretched over a steel frame using many coiled springs. People usually bounce on the trampolines for fun and for recreational and also competitive purposes.

A trampoline uses a fabric which is usually known as bounce mat or a trampoline bed. It looks like elastic but it isn't. The elasticity is usually provided by the springs that are connected to the frame which stores all the energy.

The trampolines were made back in 1936 by Georges Nissen and Larry Griswold. One of the main reasons trampoline are used are in competitive sports, also in Olympics. The competitive gymnastics sport of trampoline is a part of the Summer Olympics Games. With the help of modern trampolines a skilled gymnasts can go upto a height of 33ft and also while performing various flips and tricks. Mini trampoline also exists. A mini trampoline is known as a rebounder or a trampette. A mini trampoline is also a type of a normal trampoline which is less than a metre in diameter and about 12 inches above the ground. It's usually used indoors for fitness.

Famous Gymnasts :

  • Rosie MacLennan
  • Dong  Dong
  • Karen Cockburn
  • He Wenna
  • Login Dooley
  • NicolsAhsinger
  • Dmitry Ushakov
  • Gao Lei