Squash is yet another ball sport but inseatd of big ball this game is played with smaller one. The game is meant for doubles and not for one player,even four players can play by dividing into two teams. The game is played in a four walled court with a small and hollow rubber ball. The aim of the game is to strike the ball towards the wall in front of them in a way that the opponent can't return it and hence resulting in a point to the person. The game was previously called as squash rackets since it's played with the use of racquets.

Standard racquets are governed by the rules of the game and the traditional racquets are made of laminated wood with a small strung area using natural gut strings. Modern racquets consists of dimensions of 686 mm and 215mm wide. It also has a wide strung area of 500 square centimetres. The maximum weight is 255 grams.

Squash balls are between 39.5 and 40.5mm in diameter and also weigh around 23 to 25 grams.. They are basically made of two pieces with a rubber compound which are glued together to form a hollow sphere and buffer to a matte. The players spin a racket to decide who will be serving first in the game and the player starts rhe first rally by electing to serve from one of the boxes placed on the right or left. After the serve, the player takes turn hitting the ball against the wall in front of them above the tin line. A participant can only hit the ball once at a swing, two times is counted as a foul and hence resulting in a point to the opposite.

Squash Famous Players:

  • RamyAshour
  • Jahangir Khan
  • Nick Matthew
  • Jansher Khan
  • James Willstrop
  • Geoff Hunt
  • Hashim Khan
  • Peter Nicol