Softball is a sport which is somewhat similar to baseball, the difference is that it's played with a larger ball and on a smaller field. The game was invented in the earlier 1887 in United States. The game was invented as an indoor game and was played by kids. The game is previously known as indoor baseball, mush ball and kitten ball. The game is also player bg womens baseball. The name was given to it in 1926 since the ball used was soft.

There are three types of softball and the most common one is slow-pitch softball. The ball is usually 11 or 12inches in circumference. It differs from gender, age and league. There are 10 players on the field at once.In fastpicth softball the pitch is fast and hence there are 9 players in the field at once. In fastpitch the ball is 3 in larger than a baseball. The sport is played between two teams on a large field with nine/10 players in each side. The object of the game is to screw runs and hit through ball and keep running around the bases, like Baseball.

Rules :

  • Scoresheets must be filled before game.
  • The pitcher must take postion with both feet firm on the ground.
  • The pitch must be delivered with an archer between six and 10 feet.
  • The pre game meeting should only consist a captain with the umpire before ground rules.
  • 4balls constitute a walk.
  • 3 strikes constitute an out.

Famous Players :

  • Lisa Fernandez
  • Jennie Finch
  • Dot Richardson
  • Jessica Mendoza
  • Cat Osterman
  • Joan Joyce
  • Crystl Bustos
  • Laura Berg
  • Monica Abbott
  • Kasey Cooper
  • Morgan Stuart