Shooting is a process of letting firearms or other weapons such as bows and crossbows. Even firing of artillery, rockets missiles is called shooting. A person who is a master in shooting is known as marksman. Shooting most often refers to use of firearms. The person is called as a shooter.
Shooting technique differs from this factor to that. The distance and nature of the target is kept in mind. Position plays a very big and important role in this sport.
Shooting is a competitive sport which is also played in the Olympics. It is categorised by types of target, firearm and distance. A rifle is a firearm which is used in this sport. It is a airgun with a rifled barrel. The center of the target is often called as bullseye.
The distance are as follows, 10M Air Pistol, 25M Rapid Fire, 50M Pistol, Skeet and etc.
Rules :
  • Keep the Muzzle Pointed in a safe direction
  • Never point in fun of jest
  • Keep fingers off the trigger until said so.
  • Always wear eye protection.
  • Do not shoot until said
  • Do not shoot on opponents target.
  • The sport shouldn't be taken lightly because it's very dangerous.
Famous Players:
  • Abhinav Bindra
  • Vijay Kumar
  • Kim Rhode
  • Jin Jong Oh
  • Jitu Rai
  • Pang Wei
  • Du Li
  • Zhu Qinan
  • Sandra Fing