Sailing us yet another sport which is performed in the surface of water. It's performed with the help of wind which act on the sails, wings ails or kites. A course which is defines the true direction of wind is called as point of sail. Recreational sailing or yachting can be divided into racing and cruising respectively. Cruising can include extended offshore and ocean crossing tips.

Sailing as a sport involves a variety of competitive formats. Racing includes various matches within a fleet of sailing craft, between a pair therof of among teams. Specialised competitions include speed setting records.

Racing includes both closed and open world courses with pin point contest. They can be sheltered in deep waters, coast lines or in to the open sea. Fleet races can have anywhere from four to hundreds of boats in a single race. Whereas matching oyehas two boats to compete against. Team racing is most often between two teams of three boats each.

Famous Players :

  • Niamh Connolly
  • Emma Geary
  • Clan O'Reagan
  • Connor Lyden
  • Chloe