Rugby is a game which is similar to football/soccer except the difference is football is played with foot and rugby is played with both hands and foot.

The two main types of rugby are Rugby league and Rugby union. In England, Rugby is regarded as an establishment sport, played mostly by upper and middle classes.

 The game had a long history of being played in schools until 1980s and is now becoming very popular in other schools, colleges and universities.

A Rugby ball is called as a Quanco, it's a diamond shaped ball used for easier passing and running. Richard Lindon and Bernanrdo Solano had started making rugby balls.

The first Rugby world cup was held in New Zealand and Australia in 1987. Similar to the Olympics, it occurs every four years. It's an international tournament organised by World Rugby. Current World Champions are New Zealand who won the Cup in 2015.

Rules of Rugby:-

  • There are maximum 15 Players in a team, with 7 substitutes allowed.
  • Proper Clothing and Footwear should be used.
  • Two halves of 40 minutes each. With 10 minutes break in between.
  • One Referee and two touch judges
  • No Punching, trampling or kicking players
  • Cannot tackle a player when they are in air.
  • Play should be restarted with a scrum.

Famous Rugby Players :-

  • Richie McCaw
  • Jonah Lomu
  • Dan Carter
  • Brian O'Driscoll
  • Jonny Wilkinson
  • Martin Johnson
  • Sam Warburton
  • Julian Savea