Rowing is a act of constantly using your arms to propel a boat using oars. Rowing which is often refereed as crew in the US is a sport which goes way back to Ancient Egyptian times.  The sport can be recreational or also competitive where the athletes have to race against each other and whoever reaches the finish line first wins.

Rowing is organised and managed by the International Rowing Federation which was founded back in 1892. Rowing is one of the oldest Olympic Sports, and its still very popular and played in many countries. Over 150 countries take part in the competitions. European Rowing Championships are held annually and since 2008 rowing has also been completed at Paralympic Games.

While rowing the athlete sits in front of the boat facing toward the stern. The oars are used to stroke further and they are held by Oarlocks. The sport requires strong core balance, physical strength and discipline. The sport is both individual and team. Each rower has one oar held with both hands. Each rower is refereed to as port or starboard. (Sweep). In Sculling, each rower has two oars one in each hand. Sculling is usually done in quads and doubles.

Rules of Rowing:-

  • The number of people in the boat should be 2.
  • The last part of the event tells us if it's a mens or womens rowing a boat.
  • Lightweight signifies that male rowers must be under 72kgs
  • Lightweight females should be lower than 60kg.

Famous Rowing Players :-

  • Steve Redgrave
  • Matthew Linden
  • Mahe Drysdale
  • Eric Murray
  • James Cracknell
  • Greg Searle.