President Message

"At Khel Kranti, my vision is to dedicated towards creating Young Heroes. Our whole target is to develop ability in Students to achieve heights in Sports and other areas of Life"

I have been a sports person and the way I see the world is kind of same, where if you don't have the spirit to play well and cooperation with your team and winning enthusiasm, you won't survive. Sports is not just a 1-2 hours of game. This is the way of living your life. If you have the attitude that you are a sportsman, doesn't matter if you are on groun or in some other area of life, you will feel that spirit and enjoy the moment. Winning and Lossing becomes secondary and playing the game becomes the priority.

Here at Khel Kranti, our focus is same. We don't just help your child come and play a sport. But we develop the sportsmanship in his behaviour so that he will be successful as a human being in all the areas of Live wherever he go.

As per WHO reports, more than 50% of school going children have higher level of under-nutrition. And if we compare students who participate in sports are better in overall physical and mental health and they can solve the tough problems 21% better than students who are not in any outdoor games.

Stats shows that, our children are lacking a perfect mental and physical health and at Khel Kranti our core purpose is to develop the overall growth among them and to make the whole Nation healthier one day.