Netball is yet another sport which includes the use of balls. Netball is played between two teams which consist of seven players on either side. The game is a lot like basketball and was kind of derived from it. Netball began in England back in 1890s. Since then International playing rules have been shaped by the international federation of Netball and Women's Basket ball was formed.

Netball is played in a rectangular court with rings similar to that of basketball on either side of the court. Each team tries to score goals by passing the ball to their teammates and then later shooting into the net for a point. Just like any other ball game each players are assigned specific positions to cover and are given various roles and also man marking techniques.

A player can hold on to the ball for a maximum of 3 seconds before shooting into the net or passing it to a teammate. The winning team is the one who has maximum amount of goals scored. The goal rings are 15in in diameter and sit on top of a 10fg high goal post that do not have a backboard like basketball. There is  a mark of 16ft radius semi circular which is called as the shooting circle. It's on both side of the court. The netball court is 100ft long and 50ft wide.

Famous Players :

  • Laura Geitz
  • Maria Tutaia
  • Natalie Medhrust
  • Laura Langman
  • Casey Kopua
  • Renae Ingles
  • Natalie Bode
  • Sharmi Layton