Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowls also called as just bowls is a lawn sport who's simple objective is to roll the balls so in a order that they stop close to another ball which is smaller in size and that ball is called as "jack" or "kitty". The sport is usually played on a bowling green which is should be flat if convex. The sport is made for outdoor playing only although it can be played indoors provided they have met all requirements.

The game is usually played on a large and rectangular shaped field and is also played on artifical Turf. The synthetic surface used is also known as bowling green, it is divided into parallel playing stripes called as rinks.

During the competition, singles, one of the opponents flips a coins in order to see who wins the mat and inaugurates the competition. A player in a singles competition reaches a target number of shots which may vary, it's usually between 21 or 25. A team consists of maybe dual or quads can score high. Bowls is one of the important games which is included in each and every edition of the Commonwealth games.

Famous Bowls Players : 

  • Robert Paxton
  • Peter Beliss
  • Katherine Rednall
  • Gwen Buck
  • William McLeod
  • Michael McCreadie
  • Stewart Anderson