KhoKho is a very famous sport in the Indian subcontinent. It's a very well know tag game. The game is played by teams of twelve players of which nine enter into the arena. Each player tries to avoid the touch of the opponent member. There are two tag games which very popular in South Asia first being kabbadi and second kho-kho. It's not only played in south Asia but also in South Africa.

The word kho-kho is derived from the sanskrit word 'syu' which means 'get up and go' which actually sums the entire game. The game is played in two innings by twelve players out of 15 squad.

The Asian Kho-kho federation was established during the 3rd SAF Games in England. Countries which took part were, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives.

Each team consists of 12 players and only 9 play on the field. The match consists of two innings of chasing and running. Each half lasts 9 minutes. One team sits on their knees whole the other runs acrooss to catch the player. The runners play in the field, 3 at a time and rhe team that takes the shortest time to touch all the opponents wins.

The playground is rectangular in shape and it is 36 metres in length and 18 metres in width with two rectangles at the end. The length of the rectangle is 16 metres and the width is 2.75 metres and in the middle are two poles. There are usually two referees standing on opposite sides of the ground.

Famous Players : 

  • Sobha Narayan
  • S.Prakash
  • HM Talakar
  • Veena Narayan
  • SatishRai
  • Ankita
  • Jahanavi
  • Mahi
  • Reetha Abraham
  • Palwinder Singh.