Handball also known as teamball or Olympic Handball is a sport which consists of a team. The team includes seven players each with six players on the field and one goalkeeper. The game is opposite of football. The aim is to pass the ball with your bare hands and in the end you need to pass it into the net to score a point/goal.
The match is played for two periods each consisting of 30 minutes. The team that scored the most goals win. Handball is played on a court which is 40by20 metres that would be 131ft by 66ft with a goal at each end. The goals are surrounded by a 6meter zone where the goalkeeper stands and tries to defend the goal.
The game is played very fast and professional teams now score more than 20-35 goals in a single match. Body contact is not allowed if done shall be considered a foul.
Rules :
There should be two teams and both should have 7 players on each side. After receiving the ball players can either pass the ball, keep possession or shoot the ball into the net. If the player posses the ball he/she should dribble it and not just hold, it's similar to the basketball dribble. No attacking or defending player is allowed to touch the ground of the goal area. A shot or a goal.Is only valid if the process is completed before the player touches the ground.
Famous Players :
  • Anders Eggert
  • Mikkel Hansen
  • Bertrand Gille
  • KatrineLunde
  • IvanoBalic
  • David Davis
  • Arpad Sterbik
  • Heidi Loke
  • Kim Andersson