Gymnastics Rhythmic

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport where a individual or a team of five try various stunts of the apparatus : rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon and freestyle. This sport combines dancing, ballet, gymnastics. The participant should perform the stunt and cover the entire floor and it should contain jumps, leaps, pivots balances and flexibility movements. Each movement counts a point. A participant should be fit and abilities such as power, flexibility, agility and co-ordination should be mastered.

Olympic rhythmic Gymnastics is only for female participants. All the gymnasts start at a young age to practice and master each and every skill. The sport can be practiced individually or in sets. The maximum number of person in a team is can be performed individually too. Gymnasts may have same apparatus as its partners.

Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics is only performed in Japan and was originally created by adopting elements from Swedish, Danish and German gymnastics. Israel is a rising nation in rhythmic Gymnastics and Italy is more engaged in Group rhythmic Gymnastics.

Famous Players :

Son Yeon-Jae

Neta Rivkin

Yevgenia Kanayeva

Ganna Rizatdinova

Melita Stanyuta

Silvia Miteva

Mihaela Maevska

Julie Zetlin