Cycling Road

Road Cycling is a cycle sport played across the globe. It's the most popular and professional form of bicycle racing. There are tons of competitions held for the the sport. There are two most famous competition formats, Mass Start and Time Trials. In mass start riders start concurrently and the race is set to finish point. Whereas, time trials have individual riders and also team races and they fight against the clock.

Road Cycling is mostly popular in Western Europe. There are races held for teams wherein the same principle applies that the winner will be the first to cross the mark, but many riders are grouped together on teams. There is a team director elected for each group and every rider connects with each other through radio communication.

There are 6 types of riders :-

  • Puncheur
  • Time trialist
  • All-rounder
  • Climber
  • Sprinter
  • Domestique

Cycling has been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since the modern events. Cycling has now become a major event in the Olympic programme, as stated by WlodzimierzGolebiewski.

Rules of Cycling Road:-

  • Maximum distance allowed for a 1-day race is between 250-280Km for men and 120-140Km for women.
  • All riders must present themselves for a quick check of their equipments before 15 minutes.
  • The riders must start from a fixed position.
  • During any event over a distance of 150km riders should be provided with refreshments.

Famous Road Cyclists :-

  • Mark Cavendish
  • Bradley Wiggins
  • Fabian Cancellara
  • Marco Pantani
  • Peter Sagan
  • Frank Schlek
  • Tony Martin