Cycling Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is yet another sport which includes riding bicycles off road. The cycles mostly run on rough terrain, the bikes are designed specially for it. The looks of the mountain bikes are similar to the daily use one but the difference is that it features much better durability and performance on rough terrain.
Mountain biking can be broken down into various categories, cross country, trail riding, all mountain, downhill, free ride and dirt jump.
The sport requires courage, balance and core strength with bike handling skills and confidence. Experienced riders can pursue both steep and technical descents and high incline climbs.
Each and every participant has to have glasses for eye protection, shoes, proper clothing, hydration, GPS, air pump, bike tools,  flash and yes of course a mountain bike. Protective gears include ; Helmets, Body armour, pads, gloves and first aid. The sport is a very dangerous one and hence has many injuries involved.
Famous Players :
  • Nino Schurter
  • JulienAbsalon
  • Sabine Spitz
  • Catherine Pendrel
  • Geoff Kabush
  • Max Plaxton
  • OndrejCink
  • Georgia Gould