Canoe Slalom

Canoe Slalom 🛶 or also know ln as Whitewater slalom is a sport which is usually player in the Olympics. It aims to navigate the canoe or kayak through the down and up streams of the river current. It has to be done in the fastest time possible.

Canoe Slalom started back in 1940s in Europe. Each gate of the competition consists of two poles which hang from a wire which is across the river. There are around 18-25 gates on the course and 7 are upstream gates. The downstream gates are colored green and the upstream gates are coloured red.

Upstream gates are placed in Eddie's and the water is flat or stable and downstream gates in the current can be offset to alternating sides. Many of the courses can take up to 120 seconds to complete the paddle. Yes, they depend on the difficulty and the ability of the courses and the wave.

Famous Players:

  • Jessica Fox
  • David Florence
  • Etienne Stott
  • Michal Martikan
  • Tim Baillie
  • Richards Hounslow
  • Tony Estanguet
  • Peter Kauzer
  • Eva Tercelj