Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer also known as beach football is a game played in almost every part of the world. The game is connected to the original game, soccer which is played on ground or artificial Turf, the difference between them is that beach Soccer is played on sand whereas the latter is played in ground. The sport is mostly played on beach. The game was said to be found back in 1992 by the founders of Beach Soccer Worldwide which is a company set up to develop the sport and manage the daily affairs and the tournaments to this day. The game of soccer changes totally when it comes to beach Soccer, although the rules and other matters remain similar. The field allows players a much wider opportunity to make a run or pass it to the far side whereas in beach Soccer the area itself is shorter and due to the sand below you it's almost impossible to make a run with the ball at your feet, and this difference has made the game wildly popular among the people. Each team consists of five players on each side including the goalkeeper, unlike football it has unlimited or you can also call it as rolling substitutes. Instead of throw ins, kick ins are taken to maintain the smoothness and the pace of the game. As the game is played on sand the players are not permitted to wear any footwear and are supposed to play barefooted. Even goal kicks are to be taken by hands. A full game lasts for 36 minutes and is split up up into three periods with a twelve minute break in between. A beach Soccer field is very small when compared to the regular football field. The length of the field last from 35 to 37 metres and the width from 26 to 28 metres. The penalty area is within 9m from the goals. Famous Players :
  • Madjer
  • DejanStankovic
  • Belchior
  • Jorginho
  • Benjamin
  • Bruno Malias
  • Jordan Santos