Archery has been used for hunting and combat since 10,000 BC. Archery was invented in Palaeolithic or early Mesolithic periods. It was mainly used for hunting down animals for food or for clothes. In the modern era it's a competitive sport and is also played in the Olympics.

A person who participates in archery is called 'an archer'.  Archery is now a very famous sport and is played all across the world and has also entered into competitive games. Competitive archery involves shooting arrows at a target for accuracy from a reasonable distance.

There are 5 types of archery :-

  • Target Archery
  • Field Archery
  • 3D Archery
  • Traditional
  • BowHunting

Target archery is the most known type. Archery is very popular in Europe and America and in those places field archery is well known.

Modern Archery is held by the World Archery Federation (WAF). Currently there are 142 nations taking part in the games.

Rules of Archery:-

Archery competitions are held in both outdoor and indoor conditions. Indoor games are shot at only one distance, whereas outdoor consists of different distances. Whistle commands are followed by the participants.

Two whistles mean archers can approach the shooting line. One whistle means the archers can begin shooting on the target. Archers are not allowed to collect their arrows while other participants are still shooting. To collect the arrows, the field captain will signal three whistles.

Some important rules to keep in mind :-

  • Never disturb or distract another archer while they are shooting.
  • If a archer is at full draw you have to wait before taking your place on the line
  • The command Fast means to stop shooting immediately and return the arrow to the quiver.

The competition is divided into ends. An archer can shoot either 3 or 6 rounds per end. Indoor competitions are mostly 20 ends of 3 arrows.

Famous Players :-

  • Brady Elison
  • Ki Bo-Bae
  • DeepikaKumari
  • Chang Hye-Jin
  • Tan Ya-ting
  • JayantaTalukdar
  • Marco Galiazzo
  • Lisa Unruh
  • Zachary Garett

Did You Know?

  • Archery can be played in any weather.
  • Archery is held in both Olympic and Paralympic competitions.
  • Archery builds confidence and accuracy
  • Its also a source of food for some.