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Getting involved in the field of development in general, and sport for development in particular, requires more than equipment and a football pitch. Building extensive networks in the private, governmental and non-governmental sectors in addition to composing a solid organisational framework and acquiring the appropriate resources is the recipe to success.


Join As Coach

A coach is a person who tries to bring out the best in every player. Behind every successful player there is a mentor who motivates players to perform their best and never let them to give up. He must be disciplined, patient, hardworking, calm and composed. If you have these abilities join with us to coach the future great players of the country. You can also have a bright career with us and we have collaboration with some of the best kabaddi organizations of the country. You can also achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams by joining with us.

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Join As Player

Joining Khel kranti academy is a very simple process with nominal charges. For us game is not a profit making business but to bring out the hidden gems who can bring laurels to our nation. You can join us and can make your dreams come true. You can make your career at district level, state level, national and international level step by step. Your hard work and our training and guidance together can do wonders. Come join with us for your bright future.

Talent Identified

Khel Kranti Foundation has worked hard in developing age specific scientific curriculum, training our coaches to deliver these curriculum effectively to all the kids, organising various tournaments to identify and enhance talent and motivate schools, parents and most importantly kids to think about taking up sports as a career.

Khel Kranti

We love to share what we do at Khel Kranti. Please check our Photo and Videos Gallery below to know how we actually work in field.